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  • Owner: Arelux Productos y Servicios SL
  • Address: Avenida del Rosario n8- CP 50410. Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza)
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Arelux Products and Services SL was incorporated in a public deed issued on August 20, 2012, before the Notary D. Mariano Peman Melero, from Zaragoza, with the order number of its protocol 1,147, and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Zaragoza at Volume 3542, Folio 1, estate Z 44463 (Entry 1/2012 / 8941.0), with address at Avda. del Rosario 8, 50410, Zaragoza. em >

1.- Shipping the merchandise

ARELUX offers two shipping options to its clients :

  • 4.95 € - Normal shipping
  • € 9.95 - Fast shipping

When working with external messaging services, Delivery times are always approximate, being subject to causes outside our control.

2.- Receipt of merchandise

It is an essential condition that at the time of receipt of the merchandise indicate on the delivery note that the carrier is signed, any incident that may exist in the condition of the same or of the packaging and that ARELUX is informed of said incidence by e-mail to within a maximum period of 24 hours from the receipt of the package.If the package presents significant damage with which it is believed that the product may have suffered damage, it should be rejected and notification to ARELUX immediately.

3.- Merchandise return

The end user has the obligation to notify ARELUX of the intention to return the product by generating an RMA request on our website. The rejection of the package at the time of delivery of the package is not considered valid and sufficient. Product. Return of material will only be accepted in the following cases:

a) Return of non-defective merchandise: End users have the right to request the return of a product purchased from ARELUX for regret of the purchase within a maximum period of 14 days after receipt of the same. After 14 days, ARELUX reserves the right to admit or not the return of the product. The end user will assume the management and shipping costs for the return of the product in case of repentance. Likewise, all returned products will suffer a depreciation in value. which will be assumed by the end user. The depreciation of the value of the product will be stipulated by ARELUX. The return will be made under the conditions assigned and notified in the acceptance of the RMA.

b) Defective material upon receipt: If the material is defective, an RMA request must be made on our website. Once assigned an RMA number, the product will be sent to ARELUX according to indications, with their original packaging and accessories and with their corresponding RMA number visible on the outside of the packaging.

c) Defective material in warranty period: In case of defective material within the warranty period, warranty management will be accepted and its original packaging will not be necessary. Once assigned an RMA number the product will be sent to ARELUX according to indications, within a maximum period of 7 days. The RMA number must appear on the outside of the packaging. After 7 days, the RMA will be canceled.

4.- Guarantee < / h2>

The guarantee of all our products will be indicated in its corresponding technical documentation, within the specifications of each product.

5.- Price policy and validity of offers

ARELUX offers normally have a validity period of 15 business days unless otherwise indicated, ARELUX reserves the right to modify prices, until the Client receives confirmation of their order.

6.- Cancellation or modification of orders

Once a Order request by the Client, ARELUX will proceed to prepare it and, from that moment, no cancellations or modifications will be accepted.

7.- Product delivery

The product is considered delivered upon leaving the ARELUX warehouse. The deadlines for the delivery of the material are merely informative, not binding on ARELUX. Unless expressly agreed in writing with ARELUX, the Customer shall not have the right to request the cancellation of an order or any compensation (including the return of freight) in the event of a delay in the delivery of the product. The Client may not refuse to pay the price of the products already delivered when the partial supply of an order occurs.

8.- Reservation of domain

As long as the customer has not fully paid the price and all amounts due as a result of the sale, the product supplied will be considered the property of ARELUX, with all inherent rights. The customer will be considered the custodian of the products and must store them separately, clearly identifying them. If at the expiration of any term the Client does not make effective its amount, ARELUX may choose between demanding the immediate payment of all the due terms and to expire or terminate the contract and withdraw the products held by the client, without obligation to refund any amount of those received, which will be for the benefit of ARELUX by way of compensation for breach of contract, without prejudice to compensation for the damages caused to ARELUX that it may claim. If prior to the total payment of the products, the client is the object of any embargo or lock on his assets, in the embargo procedure he will expressly state that they are the property of ARELUX. If, despite this, they are seized, it will facilitate the exercise, by ARELUX, of the relevant third party domain, whose expenses will be borne by the client. The client, in addition to the special affectation to the fulfillment of his obligations, established on the products that are sold, will answer for them with all his other goods.

9.- Limitation of liability

The responsibility of ARELUX in the sale operation with respect to the buyer is limited to the amount of the invoice for the product sold and that established by the applicable consumer legislation.

ARELUX's liability is limited to the invoice amount; ARELUX is not responsible for any loss due to loss of profit of the buyer of the goods.