What are virucidal disinfectant tablets? What are they for?

Discover our tablets authorized by the Ministry of Health to combat Coronavirus.
VERY IMPORTANT! To ensure that a product is authorized it must have a registration number . Ours is: 16-20 / 40 / 90- 07974.

Cleanpill Virucida are immediate action, broad spectrum disinfectant tablets in a solid presentation format for dilution in water. They have the ability to combat and inactivate pathogenic viruses on any surface.

They are highly effective against Coronaviruses (Covid 19), Polivirus type 1, Adenovirus type 5; Murine norovirus; Avian influenza, H1N1 Swine influenza; HIV; Hepatitis B, HBV virus; Herpes; Poliomyelitis, Ebola.

Once the surfaces are disinfected according to the directions for use, you will avoid the spread by contact of the pathogenic viral agents that cohabit on the surfaces that we usually share in our daily lives. Therefore, it is an effective way to prevent contagion in the workplace, public spaces and at the household level.

What are the characteristics of virulent disinfecting tablets?

These are the 7 main characteristics of our tablets, look!

  1. They are very effective against the viruses described above (Polivirus type 1, Adenovirus type 5; Murine norovirus; Avian Flu, H1N1 Swine flu; HIV; Hepatitis B, HBV virus; Herpes; Poliomyelitis; SARS coronavirus, Covid 19, Ebola).
  2. Comply with the UNE-EN 14476 standard. For a product to be approved and authorized for general virucidal activity, it requires the mandatory performance of the test with the three viral strains that are most resistant to the action of disinfectants. Only when a disinfectant is active against them, as in the case of Cleanpill Virucida, can it be considered effective against other viruses and any species of Coronavirus, including Covid 19. This standard It is the reference in protection against all viruses. Our pills have proven their protection against Coronavirus, rotavirus or even Ebola, as they comply with the rigorous UNE EN 14476 standard and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
  3. They can be used at professional and private level : the solid morphology of the product, with low volume and weight, makes it make your storage and transportation easy and convenient.
  4. They are easy to dose and have a single in the instructions for use .
  5. They have their proven quality : Cleanpill virulent disinfectant tablets are a product of total guarantee. We have tested them according to the applicable standard and registered as indicated on their labeling. They have passed the most demanding tests and analyzes carried out by external laboratories that accredit their quality, respect for the environment, their technical characteristics and durability.
  6. They have an 100% recyclable packaging that it is easy to handle after use and, in addition, it is made in Spain.
  7. They come in a very convenient format and that is especially useful as it makes them easy to use. Regarding the physical characteristics of the product, note that it has a cylindrical tablet morphology of 3.35 g in weight.

Applying Cleanpill Virucida eliminates any pathogenic activity from the 3 most resistant viral strains described above. You prevent the transmission and contagion of diseases and their corresponding clinical pathologies that in the segments of the population with the greatest clinical vulnerability can become fatal.

How do virulent disinfectant tablets work?

Cleaning surfaces with Cleanpill Virucida inactivates these types of viruses after 5 minutes of contact with our disinfectant. Keep in mind that this type of virus has different longevity in different media, so that its spread according to the nature of the supports, if the prophylactic measures objectively due have not been taken, can be exponential. The useful life of the virus varies according to the nature of the contaminated supports: 3 hours in the air, 24 hours in cardboard, 3 days in steel and plastics, 4 days in wood and 5 days in glass.

What are these disinfectant tablets used for and where can be applied?

Cleanpill Virucida tablets are applied to disinfect any type of substrate and surface:

  • At a particular level: to disinfect homes and objects that we use on a daily basis.
  • At a professional level: to disinfect large busy or heavily used surfaces.

Its use at a professional level is highly recommended in several areas:

  • Sanitary: in hospitals, operating rooms, nursing homes ...
  • Industry of all kinds: food in its production, distribution and logistics industry.
  • Transport: trucks, trailers, public transport, etc.
  • Areas for child or school use : schools, kindergartens, student residences and universities.
  • Public spaces : town halls, heritage, streets and common areas.

In short, any given public or private space where a concentration of people occurs, punctually or in stages.

Why do authorities authorize the use of Cleanpill?

Use Private and professional Cleanpill is especially indicated by a series of competitive advantages that are summarized in the following points:

  • Easy and exact dosage in your application with the simple division of the tablet compared to other products with liquid measurements and dosages.
  • Safe product in your application since being solid you don't risk spills and splashes.
  • Clean scent during application compared to other products with strong and penetrating odors.
  • < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> Reduced weight and volume as it comes in packages of 160 g, ½ kg and 1 kg, which provides considerable space savings, much appreciated both in warehouses and homes.
  • This very small volume is possible thanks to compliance by Part of the virucidal Cleanpill from the following conversion or equivalency table:
    • 8 Cleanpill tablets are equivalent to 1 liter of bleach (Sodium hypochlorite
    • (active chlorine): 4.2%).
    • 1 160 g can of Cleanpill Virucida (48 units) equals 6 liters of bleach.
    • < li> ½ kg of Cleanpill Virucida (150 pcs.) is equivalent to 18.5 liters of bleach.
    • 1 kg of Cleanpill Virucida (300 pcs.) equals 37 liters of bleach.

Space is of domestic interest in terms of storage, since we all know the importance of living space in our homes. And it becomes even more relevant in professional use as the storage and transport space is reduced to almost nothing compared to other liquid disinfectants.

Think for a moment about a company or a city council that had to handle 2 pallets or, which is the same, 1500 liters of bleach. With Cleanpill Virucida, only 40 kg of product should be stored and handled.

Also, being a super stable product it can be stored without fear of that it loses disinfecting chemical properties, which in the case of bleach occurs at 3 months.

Of this Thus, the quality as a product of Cleanpill Virucida, its certifications, tests and registration, together with the competitive advantages described compared to other disinfectants, make it highly recommended for professional and domestic use, in all fields and surfaces.

In addition to its professional use, Cleanpill Virucida is also indicated for cleaning and disinfecting the home, being applicable to all types of supports, ceramic floors, parquet, countertops, sanitary ware, glass, plastics, pvc, (On stainless steel it should be rinsed), in addition to being used in combination or in addition to the washing machine and dishwasher.

Its high performance, comfort and safety of use, versatility and little storage space it occupies, make it more than recommended presence in every home.

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