4 advantages of disinfectant anticoronavirus pills

Discover the main advantages of our disinfecting tablets for coronaviruses, we will tell you about them in this article! As the relevant authorities state, it is very important to maximize hygiene and thoroughly disinfect all surfaces to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Read on and discover the 4 exclusive benefits of this disinfectant!

Advantages of disinfecting pills for viruses

1. They are very effective and durable

Cleanpill tablets are one of the products approved by the Ministry of Health to fight Coronavirus. The effectiveness of our tablets is proven and, in addition, they meet all the requirements of the UNE-EN 14476 standard.

Therefore, with these disinfectant tablets you will achieve a surface clean and hygienic wherever you apply them.

Important! Unlike other products that are used for the same purpose, the tablets are very stable: they last more than 3 years in perfect condition and without losing their properties if properly preserved.

2. They are easy to handle and dose

These tablets are a very effective product and, above all, easy to use. Being made in tablet format, calculating the necessary measures to disinfect any surface is very simple. According to the Royal Decree published in the BOE, the amount necessary to achieve effective disinfection is equivalent to 2 tablets for every 3L of water . Anyway, if you are going to apply it with a sprayer and its capacity is 1L, you can easily introduce a pill. You don't need to split it or anything similar.

In this article we explain how you should use the pills more thoroughly. Look!

3. They have multiple uses

The applications of our tablets are very varied, they can be used to disinfect all types of surfaces: hospitals, elevators, streets, transport, floors , clothing, shoe soles, phones and keys ... Everything you can think of!

Also, you have to know that our pills can be put in the washing machine (we recommend it is inside the cup) and also in the dishwasher to disinfect containers, dishes, pans and everyday objects.

In short, either for use on a large surface or to eliminate bacteria and viruses from a domestic appliance, with our tablets you will achieve maximum disinfection.

4. Our disinfectant tablets are very safe

Whether you have small children or pets... You don't have to worry! Yes, they are a strong product with maximum disinfecting power, but we have thought of everything! After waiting 5 minutes for the pills to exert their sanitizing power and take effect, you can use the surface with complete peace of mind .

For dogs, cats and Pets generally do not find anything attractive its aroma or taste , so they will not swallow them. If what worries you is your baby (until 6 months after babies do not develop taste) you have to know that we have included an emetic in the formula of our pills so that they do not get to ingest it. Everything controlled, they are very safe!

In short, Cleanpill Virucidal pills are a unique product with multiple advantages that you have to take advantage of. In this post we have collected the 4 most relevant characteristics, since these pills are a unique value proposition against the coronavirus and that is why the Ministry of Health recommends them.

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