We join forces with Orache Desinfection to combat Covid-19 in Spain

We join forces with Orache and the Emprendedores magazine echoes the news!

“The company dedicated to the manufacture of virucidal pills, Orache Desinfection, located in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) , its production has increased 250% in the last ten days, due to the crisis of the Covid-19 coronavirus and now, together with NODRIZA tech, both companies are joining forces to reduce the spread of the virus with their new ecommerce areluxprotect.com.

The need to carry out extreme cleaning and disinfection protocols in health centers, hospitals, supermarkets, urban areas, homes and other transit spaces have produced an increase in the demand for disinfectant products with the aim of fighting the spread of the Coronavirus in Spain.

Orache has partnered with Arelux Top Chemicals, one of NODRIZA tech companies, to respond to the needs of the market. The technology company has made available to the Huesca its international logistics chain and its technological structure for their new ecommerce: Arelux Protect.

NODRIZA tech has this logistics network thanks to its activity with two of its brands:Arelux Top Chemicals y TodoCESPED, that in the face of the health emergency in Spain, she has not hesitated to put them at the service of the needs of the Huesca and creator of virulent solutions.

The Ministry of Health has published the list of the 41 virucidal products authorized in Spain in which three of them have been created by Orache Desinfection . The CEO of the Huesca company, Sergio Mayenco, explained that for a product of these characteristics to be suitable for disinfecting spaces against the virus, it must have an adequate dose of chlorine along with other components.

Now both companies work hand in hand to provide a service and a product according to the country's needs.

Other media such as La Vanguardia, 20 Minutos, Europa Press, Aragón Digital and Cultura RSC have also spread this great news.

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