When you receive a package at home, can you get coronavirus?

Can you get coronavirus when you receive a package?

Currently, online commerce is one of the favorite options to make the purchase and avoid leaving home. It is normal to ask yourself if packages can have coronaviruses or if you can get it when you receive one.

The closure of multiple stores to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has motivated consumption habits to change. Especially with the new decree that more restricts the activity of non-essential activity companies. For this reason, electronic commerce in most cases is the only way to acquire the products you need. Which does not carry any risk to your health as long as you follow the instructions that we are going to ask you.

Can you carry a coronavirus package when I receive it at my home?

Yes. Until it arrives at your house the package has gone through different processes. If the person in charge of preparing your package, the carrier or anyone who has had contact with the package is infected, it can be a source of infection. However, companies take the appropriate protection measures to make the distribution totally safe, both for their clients and for their workers.

In addition This risk also exists in those physical stores that, due to their activity, must remain open. In addition to the workers who have handled the product, the consumers themselves, if they have touched the products without gloves and are infected, may have infected them. Do not forget that the incubation period of the virus can be extended by a week, therefore, you may not be aware that you have been infected.

You should be aware that coronavirus is a virus with a very high spread rate. Furthermore, the survival of the Covid-19 on different surfaces is another key point. There are studies that confirm that in those objects of glass, metal, plastic or cloth, it is able to persist on its surface for two to three days.

For all these reasons, it is impossible to 100% guarantee that a package does not contain coronaviruses. But just as physical establishments such as supermarkets take measures to avoid contagion (they provide gloves to their customers before they start shopping and force them to clean their hands with disinfectant before entering), you can and should take your own prevention measures when you receive your package, how? Keep reading!

Solution: disinfect the package upon receipt

Protecting yourself from any possible spread of coronavirus is very simple, just put on gloves to pick up your package and disinfect it immediately. Also, if you wear a mask to rule out any possibility, the better. It is very important that you comply with these protection measures to reduce the risk of contagion!

How to disinfect a package of Coronavirus?

1. Use an effective disinfectant

Before receiving the package, have your disinfectant solution ready. Not all disinfectants are effective against coronavirus (Covid-19), therefore, it is recommended that you take 2 minutes to observe which products are those that the Ministry of Health has approved and authorized. Always make sure that this product has a registration number in Health, such as our Cleanpill disinfectant tablets . This shows that they are really effective against the coronavirus. We explain how to use them, keep reading!

2. Prepare the solution to clean the package:

  • Find a spray and fill it with a liter and a half of water.
  • Pour a tablet Virucidal Cleanpill into the sprayer.
  • Let it dissolve for 2 minutes.

3. Disinfect the package with Cleanpill:

  • Rest the package on top of a container (a basin for example) and spray the solution on the package. Let it act for 5 minutes . Then remove the wrapper and put it in a garbage bag immediately.
  • Repeat the previous process, spray the object with the solution and leave it to act for 5 minutes, if it is a metal object it is recommended that after this period of action you pass a damp cloth to prevent any residue from rusting the product.
    • If it is a tableware product, you can also put it in the dishwasher and insert a Cleanpill tablet.
    • Yes It is a textile product and it is white in color. We advise you to put it in the washing machine and in the bucket next to the detergent, insert a Cleanpill tablet, it is not necessary a specific temperature, fix the one with which you usually wash. such garments.

Sanitized package! Ready for you to enjoy it.

In short, buying in an e-commerce should not become a task full of insecurities, since as you have seen receiving a package in your home does not pose any risk to your health. You just have to follow the instructions we have provided and make sure you have the best disinfectant.

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