COVID-19 FAQs: Cleanpill disinfectant tablets frequently asked questions

Discover the answer to the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and how to inactivate it with our Cleanpill tablets.

We solve all the doubts in this post!

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus and Cleanpill disinfectant tablets

1. Is it an official product? Do the authorities recommend it?

Cleanpill are disinfecting tablets against viruses and bacteria . Specifically, against Polivirus type 1, Adenovirus type 5; Murine norovirus; Avian Flu, H1N1 Swine Flu; HIV; Hepatittis B, HBV Virus; Herpes; Polomyelitis; SARS Coronavirus , Ebola.

Furthermore, we comply with the UNE EN 13697 AND UNE EN 14476 standard. To certify that a product has this latest standard , an assay with the three strongest viral strains is required, that is, those viruses that due to their characteristics are more difficult to eliminate with a disinfectant. That is why we can affirm that Cleanpill is effective against any kind of Coronavirus.

Therefore, the answer is yes. Cleanpill tablets have been approved and authorized by the Ministry of Health , they are in your registry. Authorities credit these virulent pills as an effective disinfectant against coronavirus. Protect yourself safely!

2. Are Cleanpill pills as effective as they say?

Yes, their solid format gives you higher concentration than bleach conventional. This product has been subjected to very strict tests in external approved laboratories to certify its effectiveness and technical quality. That is why it has compliance with the UNE EN 14476 standard, where its effectiveness against the three most resistant virus strains is demonstrated: Polivirus, Adenovirus and Norovirus.

Likewise Not only is the chemical composition in line with the WHO recommendations, but Cleanpill has demonstrated its great efficacy in the fight against Ebola.

3. Can I use the pills if there are children?

Cleanpill, in addition to being an effective product against viruses and bacteria, we can ensure that is a safe product .

First of all, unlike conventional bleach, its solid format prevents liquid spillage or splashing. Second, once the solution has been applied to the surface and allowed to act for the recommended minutes, children can now play with the object or on the disinfected surface.

And also, the product contains an emetic as a preventive method in case of accidental intake.

4. If I have pets, can I also disinfect with the tablets?

Without a doubt, you can clean any type of surface with Cleanpill even if you have a pet that goes to play on that surface or with the disinfected object. Likewise, virucidal Cleanpill tablets contain an emetic in case of accidental ingestion.

It is important that once you have disinfected, let the solution work for at least 5 minutes on the surface before using it again. In case your pet is going to play with the disinfected object, rinse it with water before.

5. Can I put the pills in the washing machine? Do they discolor clothes?

Pills are highly recommended for washing white clothes because they have 30% bleaching agents.

In colored clothing, if the garments are labeled with a triangle with a "CL" in the middle (it means Chlorine) they can also be used without problems.

On the garments of color that do not have that mark, it can fade. If only one pill is used per washer and poured into the bucket above, there is generally no reason for them to be a problem.

6. To disinfect coronavirus which is better, bleach or Cleanpill tablets?

Both products can be used to disinfect coronavirus. However, the pills are an effective product and authorized by the Ministry of Health. Depending on which bleach you are going to use, you will have to check if it is also authorized, since not all are. In addition, Cleanpill tablets have many advantages compared to conventional bleach:

  1. Dosage : calculating doses with tablets is much easier than with liquid bleach.
  2. Safety : With the pills you don't risk spilling them or splashing on your clothes.
  3. Efficacy : A bottle of 1kg of CleanPill is equivalent to 37 liters of bleach.
  4. Stability : bleach usually loses effectiveness after 3 months. The pills last 3 years!

7. Is it necessary to apply Cleanpill tablets with gloves and mask?

We simply make this recommendation to avoid possible irritations. You can use them with latex gloves or with scrubbing gloves, this is more than enough. If you want, you can also apply them with a mask although, unless you are more sensitive to this type of product or suffer a specific situation that requires it, it is not necessary.

8. What is the dose that I should use? And the safety time?

We recommend one tablet for every liter and a half of water . This is the last government recommendation that is equivalent to 1,000 pppm.

If you want to disinfect other stronger viruses you can use the figure that says UNE STANDARD 14476, which is 4500 ppm. This is equivalent to 3 tablets per liter of water, since each tablet has 1,500 ppm.

Cleanpill takes 5 minutes to work. And then after 60 minutes, you can enter the room or whatever without problems.

Ah, important! Except on metal surfaces, it is not necessary to rinse the product.

9. Can I disinfect my house and any surfaces?

Yes, of course! Consult our Guide to disinfect your house step by step, here you will find all the information you need:

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