Disinfectant tablets vs. Bleach, what is better in the face of the coronavirus?

Disinfectant pills, bleach ... What is better to fight the coronavirus?

Now we spend a lot of time at home and we are exposed to a lot for news and information on COVID-19, so you must have wondered what is the best way to disinfect your home and what products you can use.

Disinfectant tablets vs. Bleach: main differences

For many years it has been mainly used bleach to disinfect homes, however, over time more advanced products such as Cleanpill tablets have come onto the market. Discover all the differences between our tablets and bleach!

  1. Official authorization : the Ministry of Health endorses Cleanpill tablets as a virucidal disinfectant product. In other words, it is effective in combating COVID-19. However, not all brands of bleach are licensed. You can check the list of authorized products here!
  2. Dosage : measuring the amount of bleach you need per liter can be complex, while with the pills you won't have that problem. What is the correct dose? We recommend 1 Cleanpill tablet for every liter and a half of water. If the container is 1 liter, pour the whole pill, there is no problem and the ppm will be higher.
  3. Safety : since the bleach is liquid, you run the risk of spilling it or splashing on your clothes. This does not happen with the pills! Being solid they are easier to handle and, if they rub against your clothes, shake off the dust and that's it. Goodbye to faded clothes.
  4. Weight: more disinfectant with less product . With a 1kg bottle of CleanPill you will get the equivalent of 37 liters of bleach! In this way we are committed to saving space and weight.
  5. Stability : our product lasts longer than bleach and maintains all its properties, about 3 years if stored in perfect conditions!
  6. Sustainability : with the tablets you save 97% on product transport and 95% on plastic generation compared to other disinfectants, such as liquid bleach . How? Being so powerful, you get more disinfectant with less quantity of product and save on transport and packaging. Also, 50% of our packaging is made from recycled material.

Do you want to see more advantages of disinfectant tablets?

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