Coronavirus: How to clean and disinfect your home? - Complete guide

Do you know how to clean and disinfect your house from coronavirus?

It is very important that you maintain maximum hygiene measures when you go out and... even more so when you return home!

How to disinfect your home in 3 easy steps

First of all, you must choose the product with which you are going to clean. We are going to explain how to disinfect your home with Cleanpill Virucida Pills, which are authorized by the Ministry of Health to disinfect the Coronavirus.

These pills provide deep cleaning in any surface and safely. In addition, its dosage and use are very simple: since its tablet format is more concentrated and you avoid risks of possible splashes. To give you an idea, a 160 gram bottle is equivalent to 4 liters of conventional bleach!

There are three formats:

Step 1: List everything you touch with your hands

It is very important that before starting the cleaning you draw up a plan. You should not only include the rooms to be disinfected but also the components of the house that you touch on a daily basis (knobs, remote control, cell phone, keys, computer keyboard ...). You should not forget that it is very important to use gloves and masks while cleaning the home.

Paso 2: With what can you apply them? Use sprayer or scrub bucket

First of all, Find a sprayer or bucket and fill it with water (1.5 liters), then insert a Cleanpill tablet and let it dissolve for 2 minutes. For optimal disinfection, it is recommended to dilute the tablet with lukewarm water (room temperature) because at higher temperatures the stability of chlorine is less.

The ideal ratio is 1 virucidal Cleanpill tablet for every 1.5L of water . If your sprayer is a liter you have to know that there is no problem, you can introduce the entire pill without breaking it.

And that's it! Ready to kill any bacteria and viruses.

If you do not have a sprayer, look if you have any used, empty its contents into a bottle, clean it well until there are no traces of the product above and label the sprayer Cleanpill. This way you can use it and avoid confusion with the pot.

Finally, clean and disinfect your home in a detailed and exhaustive way.

Step 3: Let it work!

Once you've cleaned up the surface with the solution you must let it act for at least 5 minutes. In those places where there are metal elements, we recommend disinfecting the first ones, continue disinfecting the rest of the surfaces and finally, rinse the area where the metal is with water.

Do I have to rinse the product?

Not always! It is only necessary to rinse the product on metal surfaces, thus avoiding any type of corrosion that may occur. On the other surfaces, it is NOT NECESSARY to rinse the product.

What surfaces in your house can you disinfect?

1. Disinfect the floor, furniture and any surface of your home

For an effective disinfection against viruses and bacteria, introduce the number of pills you need depending on the surface you are going to clean.

EXAMPLE : If you use a bucket full of 3L of water to clean the floor, you will have to add 2 tablets and allow them to dissolve for 2 minutes. Then clean the surface with the mixture and a mop. Let the solution work for at least 5 minutes and that's it!

To clean furniture, tables, chairs, drawers, wooden, plastic, glass or ceramic surfaces use the same process and leaves the solution unclear. Remember that on metal surfaces it is recommended to rinse with water to avoid residue.

2. Clean the bathroom thoroughly to remove any residue

We are going to make a small point in cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, because it is one of the places where there are probably more viruses and bacteria.

  • Sink, faucets, bathtub, bidet, switches, knobs and handles : spray directly on the surface to be disinfected. Be careful with the aluminum and chrome objects, leave it to act and rinse it well so that they do not corrode.
  • WC : just put a pill in the bottom of the toilet or in the interior of the cistern. Wait about 5 minutes without pulling the chain, and then spray on the toilet with the same solution as the rest of the bath.
  • Floor : same procedure as with the rest of floors of your house.

3. Disinfect keys, mobiles and everything you use every day

They are the great forgotten of cleaning and yet they are daily contact items that need special attention. Spray the solution of Cleanpill on mobile, controls, computer keyboard, door knobs and handles, etc. In these circumstances you have to disinfect even the keys, you know how? Put them in a bowl with the solution and let it sit for 5 minutes.

4. Disinfects clothes (yes, you can use Cleanpill in the washing machine) and shoes

In addition, it is essential to clean clothes and shoes as they are a dangerous source of contagion. To do this, inserting a tablet together with the detergent in the washing machine, it is not recommended to put it in the drum thus preventing the tablet from going around the drum, getting into a pocket and not dissolving well. You can use the usual temperature with which you wash these clothes. Important! wear as long as the clothes are white.

5. Disinfect containers, plates and dishes

CleanPill is also dishwasher safe! You can disinfect your tableware by inserting a tablet together with the standard dishwasher.

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