Do Cleanpill tablets affect furniture, clothing and other materials?

Do Cleanpill tablets affect furniture, clothing and other materials?

No! If you wonder if our tablets can damage the surfaces and objects on which they are applied, you have to see this article and consult our guide to disinfect your home.

Do the tablets spoil the materials on which they are applied?

Cleanpill virucidal tablets allow you to carry out a complete and exhaustive cleaning and disinfection of your home. Its effectiveness has been proven by the strictest tests and the analyzes have been carried out in external approved laboratories that guarantee its quality, its technical characteristics and its durability. Thus, the Cleanpill pads comply with the UNE EN 14476 standard. Do you want to see all its advantages ?

Can they damage the furniture?

Being so effective, it is normal to wonder if the pills can damage your furniture or small objects, but the answer is NO! They are specially designed for domestic use, so they can be applied without problem.

Our pads do not damage furniture or plastic, wood, ceramic and similar surfaces.

The only material to be more careful with is metal: you can apply the solution to disinfect it, but you have to rinse it with water after 5 minutes so that the metal does not corrode.

Lastly, in terms of wood, ceramic, tile surfaces , glass, glass there is no risk of damage. In fact, it is recommended that on surfaces such as the dining table, the solution be sprayed and left to act without rinsing afterwards so that the disinfecting effect lasts. In other areas of the home where there may be metal objects such as aluminum and chrome, as we have explained before, is where you have to pay attention.

Is the clothes damaged in the washing machine?

Cleanpill do not fade white or colored clothing that has a triangle with CL on the label in the middle (means Chlorine). In the rest of the garments, it could fade, although if you use a tablet in the washing machine and put it in the bucket above, it does not have to cause problems.

In fact, In white clothing, its use is recommended because it has 30% bleaching agents.

Also, if the tablet accidentally touches the clothes when you are going to put it in the bucket, it will not be would stain. Simply shake the dust off to remove it from clothing. However, it is not recommended to leave the tablet on any garment because if there is moisture it could begin to act and in that case it could become discolored, since one of its effects is bleaching.

Can you damage the dishes and containers if I put them in the dishwasher?

No, dishes and kitchen utensils are not spoiled with Cleanpill! When you use the tablet in the dishwasher you must put it in the bucket (preferably in the plastic part). Once the water enters, the tablet will begin to dissolve. The amount of chlorine in the total water is very low so it will not cause any oxidation of the materials.

As you can see, Cleanpill Virucida is a safe product that is also totally effective against viruses, especially against coronavirus (Covid-19). Likewise, its characteristics provide it with unique versatility, allowing you to completely disinfect your home without risk. There is no danger of damage to furniture, the clothing items specified in the previous point or ceramic surfaces, glass, crystals, wood or metal surfaces if you follow the instructions we have discussed.

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