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Cheap quality disinfectant

If you are looking for a product to effectively disinfect any surface, you have to read this article!

You will discover why Virucida Cleanpill tablets are the best quality-price disinfectant on the market against coronavirus. Its main advantages:

  • Saving money.
  • Disinfection of any surface.
  • Proven efficacy.
  • Authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Did you know that the bottle of 300 Virucida tablets is 15 times cheaper than bleach? Keep reading, you're interested!

Good quality cheap disinfectant

How much money do you save with disinfectant tablets?

The Virucida Cleanpill tablets They are a product that comes in a solid format. Its way of use is very simple: dilute one tablet for each liter and a half of water and you will get your disinfectant.

  • As with one tablet you get 1.5L of disinfectant, with 300 tablets you will have 450 liters!

Here you can check the Official Records of Biocidal Establishments and Services by CC.AA.


On the other hand we have the General Registry of the Directorate of Public Health . The registration in this registry of a virucidal product is obligatory for its commercialization for that purpose, since the list, despite not being closed and which may be changing, supposes a "numerus clausus" of products that must comply with the corresponding registration requirements.

registros productos virucidas

We go on to analyze the formation of the registration numbers of a given formula or product and the meaning of its sequence. For this we also use the register that appears on the labeling of our Virucida Cleanpill.

This analysis work will be carried out according to the following structure:


This sequence of numbers has a certain function that is none other than giving us as much information as possible about the product.


It represents the last two numbers of the year in which the product was registered or its authorization was renewed, in the event that it was already approved and included but it had expired and its registration was renewed or modified. It is then a number that may vary over time.


By means of this number or sequence of numbers, we can identify the purpose of the product.

In the specific case of Virucida Cleanpill tablets:

20: Bactericide. This number indicates that the product has a bactericidal action and that it has passed the tests indicated by the standard for this purpose.

40: Fungicide. In this case the number Forty indicates that the product also has a fungicidal action and that it also meets the parameters that the standard and its corresponding test dictates.

90: Virucide. Finally, the number ninety indicates that the biocidal product has a viricidal action to inactivate or eliminate viruses by "disinfecting surfaces by contact, equipment by washing, spraying, immersion or circulation, after dilution in water." As indicated in the list of authorized products approved by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Services.

This section is of very relevant importance, since the sequence of numbers in the labeling that we have just finished to describe indicates the purpose of use for which the product should be intended because it meets all the requirements for this purpose. In the case of the Cleanpill Virucida we can say that it has a triple action pesticide (20), fungicide (40) and viricide (90).

Both the end customer of these products and the distributor or distribution companies that give According to the sequence of numbers that they carry in the labeling registry, their commercial support must explain and know the action that they are going to carry out and at what biocidal level they are going to work.

On the other hand, a A given trade name may have several products on the market with different biocidal catalogs, in fact it usually happens and is common. Let us suppose that the “X” brand has three differentiated products with biocidal catalogs also differentiated in terms of their ability to act and they may even all be registered in the General Registry of the Public Health Directorate. Each "X" signature product will have a specific biocidal cataloging, either bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, etc. Well, sometimes the part is taken for the whole assuming that all the products have the same biocidal cataloging, extending it to the rest of the range with similar nomenclatures. In short, the labeling of the products must be well reviewed!

The cataloging of the biocidal action of a product will always give us the correct interpretation of the number sequence of the labeling.


This sequence of numbers represents the registration number itself . It is like the identity card of the product because it is the same and fixed for the entire commercial life of the product.


Finally, the initials HA at the end of the numerical sequence refer to the fact that the product is authorized for use in the food industry. In the mode of use, the safety period will be described if it had been fixed, its use by specialized personnel or not and stressing that its application is without food.

Virucida Cleanpill: bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal product.

So, as a colophon, the end user or consumer already has the appropriate knowledge to qualify a given biocidal product with the correct interpretation of the numerical sequence that appears on its labeling.

In this way and using the example of the Virucida Cleanpill disinfectant tablets as an example:

cleanpill producto biocida

We can say that the date of inscription of the product in the General Registry of the Public Health Directorate was in 2016 (16), that the scope of the biocidal action of the product is bactericidal (20), fungicide (40) and viricide (90) . That you have a unique and determined registration number that will identify you throughout your life (07974) and that you are fit and authorized for food use in the absence of food (HA).

It is very important to consult and interpret the labeling of disinfectant products and know what their real biocidal scope is by deciphering the numerical sequence of the labeling.

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