Disinfect your kitchen with these 5 steps, easy and effective!

Find out how to disinfect your kitchen thoroughly in this post!

The kitchen is a fundamental part: it is one of the most used rooms in any house. Here you prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners and it is a very recurring meeting place for the whole family!

Therefore, it is vital that all surfaces are clean and well disinfected.

5 key steps to disinfect your kitchen thoroughly

Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen is essential to keep your home free of viruses, bacteria and dirt , since it is one of the rooms that accumulates them the most.

All the members of your family use it or stay in it for a while every day. Now more than ever, make sure it's clean, and to do this, you need to get an effective disinfectant .

See how to use the Virucida Cleanpill pills!

1. Prepare the disinfectant solution

In the kitchen there are many surfaces and utensils that you have to disinfect and to make it more comfortable, you can use different containers: buckets , buckets, sprays ... What is always the same is the dose of Virucida Cleanpill: one tablet for each liter and a half of water.

2. Apply it on all surfaces

The surfaces that you have to clean yes or yes and that are common to all kitchens are the following:

  • Countertop and plate
  • Tables, chairs and stools
  • Home appliances and sink
  • Utensils, utensils and tableware
  • Rags and cloths
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Garbage cans

How can you disinfect all these surfaces of the kitchen?

1. To clean surfaces such as countertops, tables, plates, the exterior of electrical appliances, cabinets, drawers, the dustbin, etc., you can use both a bucket of water to wet the cloths or you can also use a sprayer. Whatever you prefer!

  • Prepare a bucket with a liter and a half of water and dissolve a Cleanpill tablet. Wait 2 minutes until it dissolves. Insert a rag or cloth in the bucket so that it is soaked well and, after draining it, pass it through all the places in the kitchen that you want to disinfect. Drain it from time to time in the sink and dip it back into the bucket to disinfect a new surface. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.
  • Fill a sprayer with water, insert the tablet and wait until it dissolves. Spray the surfaces, then rub thoroughly with a clean cloth. And don't miss a beat!

2. To clean the floor, you can do it in the following way:

  • Pour water into the mop bucket and dissolve the tablets you need, remember, 1 tablet each 1.5L! Let them dissolve and scrub the floor with the disinfectant.

3. To clean the utensils, utensils and crockery, put a tablet in the bowl of the dishwasher and that's it!

  • If you don't have a dishwasher , Dip the scouring pad in a water + tablet mixture and scrub normally. Let it sit for a few moments, and then make sure to rinse it very well so there are no traces of disinfectant left.

4. To clean the sink : fill it with water and insert a tablet. Let it dissolve and wait 5 minutes. Then remove the tape and rinse it well.

Want more information on how to disinfect your home? Read our complete guide!

3. Let the disinfectant work in your kitchen

The disinfectant tablets take 5 minutes to take effect. They act very quickly! In addition, they are very easy to use, so they are highly recommended for home use.

4. Rinse the surfaces

After waiting for the pills to take effect, you can rinse them with clean water . You can do this by moistening a cloth or rag and going over all the surfaces. We do recommend rinsing the metal surfaces thoroughly so that the chlorine in the tablets does not corrode them.

5. Wait a while for safety before using the kitchen again

And we are already at the last step! It only remains to wait. As with any other disinfectant that is applied in very closed spaces, we recommend that you leave a margin of approximately 60 minutes before using it. This gives the surface time to dry perfectly.

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