Disinfect your electronic devices: mobile, tablet, computer, controls ...

Discover how to disinfect your mobile, tablet, computer and any device!

Electronic devices are a key piece in our daily life, both in our personal life and in the professional sphere.


To clean and disinfect your electronic devices, it is essential that you use an effective product that does not spoil them.

The virulent disinfectant tablets are very easy to use and are also authorized by the Ministry of Health as an effective product against the coronavirus.

Discover how they work!

Clean and disinfect your technology equipment step by step:

1. Make a list of all the devices you have to disinfect

Since these types of equipment we use and touch constantly, they require special attention. Take special care with your smartphone and helmets, since if you leave home you usually take them with you and they are more exposed. Anyway, these are the most common:

  • Mobile
  • Laptop or computer (screen, keyboard and mouse)
  • Tablet
  • Headphones and helmets
  • Controls for television, consoles and any device you use.

2. Keep these tips in mind so as not to damage devices

Since technological devices are more delicate than other surfaces, great care must be taken when disinfecting them:

  • Turn off and disconnect all devices from the power supply before disinfecting them.
  • Do not apply abundant liquid on technological equipment.
  • Do not immerse any device in liquids.
  • Use lint-free, lint-free cloths, rags, or wipes.
  • Pay attention to grooves and holes to prevent liquids and excess disinfectant from seeping in.

Follow these recommendations and you won't have a problem!

3. Disinfect carefully and with authorized products:

Prepare the disinfecting solution:

Dilute a Virucida Cleanpill tablet in 1.5 L of water inside a sprayer (if your sprayer is of less capacity, you do not need to break the tablet, there is no problem).

Apply it on technological equipment:

Spray the disinfectant on your computer, laptop, keyboard, TV, tablet and remote controls without adding excess of product. For loudspeakers, headphones and slotted areas, apply carefully and without excess product (do not accumulate much liquid in the same area).

Leave act the solution. After 5 minutes, remove it:

Wait 5 minutes for the disinfectant to take effect and remove all viruses, bacteria and dirt that have accumulated technological equipment.

Next, grab a chamois, a dry wipe, or a lint-free cloth and rub the surface you applied the disinfectant to. Don't be too rough on the screen area! For nooks or more bulky areas (like the space between the keyboard keys), you can use an ear bud.

Once you have checked out the product, wait a bit before using it again as normal.

And that's it, all your devices and technological devices disinfected!

You don't need to disinfect all devices daily, twice a week It would be enough.

If you go out to shop or because your job requires it, wash your hands before using them again and, in this case, disinfect the devices that you have taken outside. Do you want to buy disinfectant tablets?

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