How to use the disinfectant tablets: dosage, safety times and tips

Do you know how to use Virucida Cleanpill disinfectant tablets? In this post we reveal everything you have to know:

  • How to use : both at private and professional level.
  • How many Pills are needed to disinfect.
  • Examples and tips to apply them correctly.

How are Cleanpill tablets used?

1. Dose needed to disinfect COVID-19

The dose needed to disinfect the coronavirus is one tablet for every liter and a half of water.

The Ministry of Health recognizes the virucidal action of products that collect 1,000 ppm of active chlorine and, in our case, each pill contains 1,500 ppm.

2. How do I apply the Virucida Cleanpill disinfectant tablets?

Applications at particular level:

You can do the dissolution and leave it ready to apply in the containers you usually use and the dose is always the same:

  • Scrub buckets or buckets : calculate the liters in the container and introduce 1 tablet each liter and a half of water.
  • Sprayers : if the sprayer is 1 liter, you can also use the tablet without breaking it. The chlorine concentration will be higher but that is not a problem.

Professional applications:

The necessary dose in case of professional disinfections (town halls, ambulances, transport, streets, public spaces, hospitals, etc.) is the same: 1 tablet per liter and a half of water. The tablets can be used in the street cleaning protocol recommended by the Ministry of Health:

  • Wet sweep
  • Street washdown
  • Disinfection of spaces
  • Disinfection of surfaces

Our tablets are collected among the products authorized by the Ministry of Health to carry out disinfection .Check out the official list!

3. Tips for use, rinsing and safety times

  • Preparation of the mixture : it is important to allow the tablets to dilute in the water for 2 minutes. Then apply them to the surfaces you want to disinfect.
  • Action time : 5 minutes. After that time the product has already performed its function.
  • Rinse : it is only necessary to rinse if you have applied the disinfectant on metal surfaces. On the other surfaces it is not necessary.
  • Safety time : we recommend leaving a margin of action for the product. After 60 minutes, you can enter the room or the surface where it has been applied in complete safety.

4. EXAMPLES: how to calculate the doses according to the application

You must be clear that the minimum concentration of chlorine for a disinfectant to combat COVID - 19 is 1,000ppm. Our pickups are 1,500ppm. So, you can start calculating:

Example 1: 3L capacity bucket

If you are going to mop the floor and to do it If you use a bucket that has a capacity of 3L, you will have to dilute 2 pills to get the required 3,000 ppm. It is calculated like this:

  • 1L = 1,000ppm, so 3L will need 3,000 ppm.
  • 1 tablet has 1,500 ppm, so 2 tablets x 1,500ppm = 3,000ppm

Another very simple option to calculate how many pills to use, is to divide the number of liters of disinfectant you need by 1.5L (which are the liters you get with each pill). In this case, 3L ÷ 1.5L = 2 pills.

Example 2: street washdown of a town of 10,000 inhabitants

In a town hall of a town of 10,000 inhabitants, an average per application of 2 liters of water per person is usually used using the “washdown” method. Normally, they are applications that are done twice a week, so a total of 40,000 liters of water will be needed.

  • 2L per person x 10,000 people x 2 times a week = 40,000L of disinfectant.

As with 1 tablet of Virucida Cleanpill we obtain 1.5L of disinfecting product, we divide the liters we need by 1.5L:

  • 40,000 ÷ 1.5 = 26,667 pills.

Each large container contains 300 pills, so the next step is to divide the number of pills we need by 300.

  • 26,667 ÷ 300 = 89 cans of 300 units.

And voila! This is the easiest way to calculate the number of pills you need.

On the other hand, our disinfectant pills take up very little volume and save a lot of storage and transport space. In addition, the loss of chlorine over 3 years is 1%, with which they can be stored extensively over time without their properties being altered and retaining their disinfecting action. This does not happen with other liquid products such as conventional bleach, for example, whose chlorine is more unstable and loses its disinfecting power after three months.

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