How to clean Coronavirus clothes and shoes: 3 easy steps

Do you know how to clean your clothes and shoes from the coronavirus?

It is very important to take all the prevention measures recommended to avoid COVID-19 infections. When you go out, you have to make sure that, when you return home, you disinfect your clothes correctly.


When you think about avoiding getting a coronavirus, you don't imagine clothing as a source of infection. However, you should not forget that there are viruses and germs that can adhere to the fabric of the garments. In short, it could be a focus of COVID-19 infection.

In the following section we give you a series of tips to disinfect your coronavirus clothing effectively and easily. Read on!

1. Disinfect shoes

Shoes are an important vehicle for the spread and spread of coronavirus; especially the soles of the shoes. Today, there are studies that demonstrate the high resistance of Covid-19 on surfaces and, for example, on plastic, it survives for 2 to 3 days. That is why it is important to be preventive.

To perform an optimal disinfection of footwear you should not only emphasize cleaning, but also use a disinfecting product that ensures the elimination of the virus from the surface. Therefore, we recommend the use of Virucida Cleanpill tablets. This product has been approved by the health authorities, it also has compliance with the UNE EN 14476 standard.

Next, we explain in 3 easy steps how to disinfect your shoes of coronavirus:

  1. Prepare a garbage bag or basin on which to carry out the disinfection and thus avoid staining other surfaces. Then prepare the solution with the Cleanpill tablets. Fill a sprayer with a liter and a half of water and pour a pill. Let it dissolve for 2 minutes and go for the second step!
  2. Take your shoes (if it is with gloves better) and spray the soles of the shoes well.
  3. Turn them face-up and let it sit for 5 minutes!

Also, if you prefer, you can remove the laces from the sneakers and shoes and put them in the washing machine following the steps we tell you about in the next section, take note!

2. Disinfect clothing

Why should you disinfect coronavirus clothing and avoid any possible spread? Because as we have previously commented, the fabric is a very frequent contact surface. Follow these 3 steps to disinfect your clothes:

  1. Separate your clothes into two heaps: do a lot with white clothes and another with colored clothes.
  2. Take the pile of linen and put it in the washing machine. Put a Virucida Cleanpill tablet in the bucket next to the detergent. We recommend not putting it in the drum because there is a risk that when turning the tablet, it gets into a pocket and does not dissolve well. Then select the usual temperature at which you wash those clothes. And heap one, ready!
  3. Put the pile of colored clothes in the washing machine at the temperature of 60º with the detergent you usually use. If the colored garments you are going to wash have a triangle on the label with a CL inside, you can wash them without any problem with the disinfectant tablets: exactly the same as white clothes.

In addition, you should not worry if when you put the tablet in the washing machine it falls on your clothes, because unlike conventional bleach Cleanpill does not leave a stain, you shake it and that's it.

3. Disinfect accessories

  1. Jewels : dissolve a Virucida Cleanpill tablet in 1.5L of water, and then spray your jewelry. Let the solution work for 5 minutes and, after that time, rinse them with water.
  2. Bags and wallets : if you normally wash them in the washing machine, you can follow the same procedure. Remember to set the temperature above 60º and try not to fill the drum. If they are leather or leather, moisten a cloth with the Virucida Cleanpill + water solution and gently rub the bag.

In short, it is very important to disinfect all your clothes because they are common points of contagion for coronaviruses and above all, you should not forget about footwear and accessories! And if you want more information about different doses or how to disinfect your home, contact us!

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