5 steps to enter home and eliminate the coronavirus

How to return from the street with total tranquility ? How can I inactivate the virus so as not to infect my house?

It is normal that you ask yourself these questions, so take note!

How to inactivate the coronavirus when you return home

Maximizing precautions and hygiene measures given the current situation does not hurt. So we recommend that you follow these simple steps and reduce all risks as much as possible.

1. Follow the standard protocol established by the authorities

At all times, when you go out on the street you have to respect the preventive regulations that official sources have provided us :

  • Wear gloves and, whenever possible, mask .
  • Try not to touch too many things. Only just and necessary.
  • If you cough or sneeze, do it in the elbow hole .
  • Don't take off your gloves until you get home, we explain why! When you go out, it is very common to touch surfaces that other people have touched before: elevator buttons, cranks, handles and door handles ... And you have to prevent your hand from coming into direct contact with surfaces or objects that could be infected. Gloves act as a barrier between those surfaces and your hand, so removing them correctly is a must. In this link they explain very well how to safely remove gloves when you get home, look!

2. Maximize precautions when entering home

When accessing your home, you must be careful and not move too much until you have taken the necessary measures . Keep in mind that you are still wearing shoes, gloves, shopping and everything that has been in contact with the outside. In summary, the fewer spaces you visit, the better.

If you come to buy from the supermarket or small establishments, here we explain how to disinfect your purchase and the rest of products you've bought.

3. Disinfect clothing and shoes

The first thing you should do is take off your shoes as soon as you enter the house. Next, spray the soles with disinfectant (1 Virucida Cleanpill tablet dissolved in 1.5 liters of water).

Then, put the clothes to wash at more than 60 degrees. You can put a Virucida tablet in the cuvette, look, here we explain how to disinfect your clothes!

4. Sanitize mobile phones, keys and objects that you have taken to the streets

As you may have already imagined, the best thing to do is to disinfect everything you take out into the street ! We have collected the essentials in this small list:

  • Mobile
  • Keys
  • Wallet and bag
  • Sunglasses or see if you need them

5. Maximize your personal hygiene when entering the house

At this point you have already disinfected the essentials, but there is still something very important missing! When you get home, you have to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. And, if you have the opportunity, we recommend that you take a shower in conditions to further reduce any risk.

These are the essential steps to comply with the entry protocol in your home when you return from the street. We know that it is difficult to inactivate the coronavirus 100%, but it is in your power to do everything possible to reduce the probability of contagion.

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